Experienced Gaming Artist Helps Paint Students a Future

[MobilePRwire] – Within the competitive games industry, it is always great to receive advice and recommendations from those in the know, and here is a great chance.

Kwalee Artist, Jay Lytwynenko is offering advice based on her knowledge and expertise to those wanting to pursue a career in concept and in game art.

After spending a long time developing her skills, Jay hopes to offer students and graduates the much needed attention and feedback they need, by opening a Portfolio Surgery to students and graduates, direct from a professional contact inside the industry. Watch herYouTube video for direct useful advice.

Jay joined the Kwalee game designers in November 2011. Having already worked for a few video game companies, she brought versatility and knowledge to her work and continues to enhance her skills as a result.

Her extensive qualifications started from receiving an A in GSCE Art, which led her to pursue the subject as part of her A Level studies at Winstanley College, along with Media Studies and Graphic Design.

Jay completed a further year at Winstanley College achieving distinctions in Foundation Diploma in Art and Design as well as a Diploma in Life Studies. Her talent and impressive academic achievements took her to Glyndwr University (then NEWI) to then graduate with a 2:1 BA(Hons) in Animations.

Jay says her extra year at college was beneficial to prepare for university:

“The foundation year allowed me to prepare an intensive portfolio for university. I then travelled all over the UK for portfolio interviews, to get into university. I was offered a few places but happily chose Glyndwr.”

Taking the time after graduating to search for employment, Jay spent time bettering her technical skills, artistic knowledge and personal portfolio. This led her to move to Aberdeen, Scotland, and completed the highly regarded Masters in Professional Games Development at the University of Abertay.

Her intense year ended in September where she then gained work at a couple of games companies, before landing her position at Kwalee, Leamington Spa.

Jay is eager to start her Portfolio Surgery. She will receive the work of students in her own time and will offer constructive and helpful guidance. She adds:

“Breaking into the games industry is difficult in any profession. I had trouble after finishing my first degree getting into the industry and think that if I would have had better contacts at the time to help offer feedback on my work, I would have made a smoother transition earlier on into my career. The bar is incredibly high and artists are ferocious for each job.”

David Darling, Kwalee CEO, says it’s great that Jay is supporting students and budding gaming artists:

“Here at Kwalee we have already created a team of creative and skilled people, building new and exciting apps. Jay is a key member of the team with her huge range of skills and crucial life experiences. We are more than happy for Jay to advise other artists on their way to success.”

Kwalee and other talented gaming companies are continually expanding their teams, and eagerly await applications from graduates.

For more information on Jay’s Portfolio Surgery, visit the Kwalee website or email your art or questions to: art [at] kwalee [dot] com

Kwalee is a startup company based in Leamington Spa to develop and publish apps for mobile devices. Founded by David Darling CBE who has many decades of experience at the top level of the video game industry with contributions to very many #1 games on many platforms in his CV. Kwalee is different. We seek to excite and entertain our customers with innovative new products that provide special experiences. Our ethos is based around a set of core values that put the customer first and which harness the creative skills of our staff to the maximum in order to do so. Kwalee is still at its beginning and so is very actively recruiting those special people who want to join us in our exciting journey.

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