Civilization War – Conquer, Build, and Rule the World

[MobilePRwire] – Civilization War is massively multiplayer online war game, called MMORPG for iOS. It has been featured millions downloaded and creating numerous manias at Appsotre. Civilization War is packed awesome features for engaging and visually rich gaming experience. And it has been newly published at Google Play store now.

Have you ever imagined that you can rule your own civil? Here is the game that you can possibly be almighty that you do under control a whole through entire history of civil on real time online. The game basically is focused on battle against with other players. Through the battle, user can be stronger than others. The game leads users performing numerous missions to progress your civil by called Science.

As Users put a one more step to the progress of civilization, they use more powerful weapon by progress of science.

Gameplay in Civilization War is comparable to its predecessor. Users deploy units and build items through variety of environments in the game.
They also make an alliance by sharing given codes to be in an advantageous position in the battle. Except for the battle, there are many kinds of environment what they can be attracted to it, because, this game is fundamental strategy: Sending a spy to check strength of opponents, Lottery next generation buildings, and Choosing hero.

Conquer, Build, and Rule the civilization of yours, it leads you to meet the historical fierce battle and magnificient detailed.

Now, you can meet the great game at Google Play store. It’s very interesting how Civilization War will hit a moment like at AppStore.

Official Web Site

GameZen Games
Civilization War
Nuclear War
Crime War
O2Jam Hero
Fashion Queen

GameZen is a development studio specializing in mobile applications since early 2011. The popular titles the studio has created include Civilization War, Nuclear War and Crime War. Recently the studio has created Fashion Queen and O2Jam Hero. The highly professional and skillful team of GameZen is dedicated to bringing only the best products to the market. . All game code (C) 2012 GameZen. Apple,

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