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1 – 100 Find and Match Sharks

Find and Match Numbers is an application designed for early childhood and preschool development which helps to teach children number names from 1 to 100 and challenges them to search, identify and match the numbers. Designed in conjunction with parents, school teachers, and educational psychologists this application emphasizes basic educational concepts for children learning number characters and names.

The “Sharks” theme incorporates an oceanic setting with hungry sharks eager to eat matching numbers. The numbers are accompanied by various types of food your child can feed to the sharks. The application is filled with rich illustrations, animations and audio to help your child immerse him or herself in a magical world of learning. Your child will learn through interactive discovery and matching of number characters and names ranging from 1 to 100. Every step of the learning process is reinforced with positive encouragement to help foster your child’s learning patterns.

Six distinct modes of play offer the ability to focus on specific number ranges to address a child’s development at particular stages. In addition, a settings menu for the parents provides options to configure the interactions and offers a mode of operation to help teach children numbers through visual cues, sounds, colors and actions making it easier for your child during the period he or she is introduced to new numbers. The settings also provide options for the child to receive a personalized graphical certificate of accomplishment which can be printed out and put on display for reinforced encouragement and development of confidence.

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