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MailShot – App Demo

MailShot is the ONLY app on the store that lets you email groups of contacts directly from your favourite apps, just as if this feature was built into your device. This Pro version of our popular app can create up to 50 groups, each with 50 or more contacts (max. depends on your ISP.)

MailShot creates special entries in your address book that you can use for sports or work teams and family or friends groups. Now you don’t need a separate Group Email program for mailing- simply use the blue “+” in the address line of your mail to add the contact MailShot created for you, and tap “send”.

A free-to-try lite version of MailShot is also available on the App Store (and is upgradable to the same capabilities via an in-app purchase.) Note: Don’t download “MailShot Pro” if you have already upgraded the free version- you will be charged.

★ Use MailShot Groups within almost any app, in place of a regular address book contact.

★ Send documents, photos, or any other attachment direct from your apps to a group. (For example you can use Photos to send multiple images to a group using MailShot)

★ Easily forward your received emails on to groups (MailShot is the only app we know of that can do this.)

★ Using Mailshot for your regular contacts groups makes it much less likely you will forget to include someone on your email, or accidentally include the wrong person.

★ MailShot Groups can be used in the cc: or bcc: fields of your email too, allowing you to protect other’s privacy when needed.

★ Quickly select or deselect group members in moments as team members swap in and out.

★ Fast import for contacts with multiple email addresses.

★ Import existing groups from your address book into MailShot, you can now email them all at once.

★ New- add multiple contacts at once by selecting from a checklist.

Here are some App Store comments from our first 15000 users:

Tim, Scotland- UK
This is a brilliant app and just what the iPad was waiting for… An absolute must-have.

Sportsdave- US
A Life saver… I found Mailshot and my (groups) problem was solved. It is a very easy application, I now have more than 15 email groups ranging from 5 addresses to 30. It is awesome.

JudyRoe- UK
Just what I needed… now I can mail all my friends at once from Mail without a special mailing app to do it

Morningbell- US
Excellent and easy for the less inclined. I was able to send to many people at once, while keeping their privacy intact.

Dave Smith- US
An awesome addition. I use my IPad extensively for email, and have numerous groups I correspond with — some as many as 40 names. MailShot was my perfect answer. Strongly recommend this app.

PNort- US
Should have been part of the iPhone email feature set from the outset. This is a GREAT utility!

Tony Stucco-US
This app is brilliant… Bravo!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try and join tens of thousands of our satisfied customers.

Contacts can be synchronized using iTunes (to Google, Yahoo, or your Windows/Mac contacts) or MobileMe, but are intended for use on iOS devices.

MailShot works with the vast majority of Mail-capable apps that allow you to edit an email before sending it. QuickOffice, Contacts and two calendar apps are the only exceptions we currently know of.

To use Exchange Contact Sync with MailShot in IOS4 or higher, you will need to create a local address book in your Contacts app. You can find lots of help for this on our support page. Mailshot cannot be used with Exchange Contact Sync in IOS3.

You can find a full install guide, support and tips at http://solubleapps.com/Mailshot-support.

Please get in touch if you have any issues with installing or using MailShot, or suggestions for future versions. We pride ourselves on our quality of support and are always happy to hear from you.

iPhone App:
MailShot Pro- Group Email Done Right! - Soluble

iPad App:
MailShot Pro- Group Email Done Right! - Soluble

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