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Pixelate 2.0 House Paint App Demo

Pixelate! makes it easy to visualize how a color would look on your wall, without even lifting a paint brush. With the new functionality and upgraded UI of Pixelate! 2.0, you can not only paint your walls, but also try out different colors on your clothes, furniture, car or anything else you would like to see in a different color.

Looking to paint your house? Need to find what colors look best in your house? Can’t visualize what a color swatch looks like covering an entire wall? Try Pixelate! With its unique ability to replicate any color, you will be able to take a color and see how your house will be transformed before spending the time and money to paint. Pixelate! will fast-track the decision making behind color picking and within seconds you’ll know how any color will look on your walls. It is as simple as selecting a color from a photo or color matrix and selecting the color to be replaced. With it’s unique ability to selectively paint over a specific color, you will discover how magenta overwhelms the room or that sage is exactly the look you want, without ever having to lift a paint brush. To pick the perfect color, you can also select the color of your choice from any image on your phone or by pointing your phone’s camera to the desired color.

Pixelate! 2.0 has an enhanced algorithm that makes painting your walls so easy and quick, that you wish you could actually paint your walls this easily. Pixelate! 2.0 adds the ability to zoom, which is useful not only during painting, but also when you are trying to pick a color.

Pixelate! 2.0 also brings with it, new effects including Sepia, Pixelate!, Color Splash and Blur, while keeping all the original effects, making it even more fun to play around with your images. Also new in version 2.0 is the ability to email your pics from within the app making it even easier share your creations with others.

Pixelate! 2.0 – House Paint Demo from Sprout! PR on Vimeo.

iPhone App:
Pixelate! - Sprout!

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