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iSoundGrid Kids – App Demo

Kids love to make noises and the latest edition to the iSoundGrid family of apps will help them get their fill. This version of iSoundGrid is not only fun, but educational too. Kids will learn to recognize a variety of animals and objects by the sounds they make as they explore the buttons on the screen.

Youngsters can also get silly with the piano keyboard, a new addition to the iSoundGrid app. They’ll experience their favorite tune with a twist. Simply select a sound and then use the piano to play a song as a quacking duck, meowing cat or any number of objects; the list of choices goes on and on.

The iSoundGrid is a specialy for the iPad designed sound effects player that can play up to 32 sounds simultaneously. It will loop sound effects and can change pitch and gain (volume) and playback style of the played sounds. Each iSoundGrid comes with a theme based selection of 50 high quality stereo soundeffects. These effects are also used by big Hollywood movie makers. Sound effects on the IsoundGrid are instantly playable through the use of a well designed user-interface.


“If your kids enjoy making noises and laughing at silly sounds, this app is a great choice for them” – padgadget.com

“This app helps kids quickly associate sounds with objects. Another benefit is the ease of use provided by a simple, straightforward interface” – ikidapps.com

iSoundgrid Kids edition for iPad features:

* Easy to use responsive interface
* Professional high quality stereo sound effects
* Specially selected (funny) sounds
* Gain (volume) of sounds changeable
* High quality, crisp graphics
* 10 loopable ambient sounds
* 40 sound effects
* Pitch of sounds changeable
* Auto play timer mode
* Play on shake mode
* 3 configurable Play styles
* Icon buttons
* Piano keyboard

Your Kids Will Love This, help them get their fill, buy iSoundGrid Kids now!

iPad App:
iSoundGrid Kids for iPad - WebbForce Mobz

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