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  1. Roger Taylor says:

    Promo Code: PKKJRRWFMYWA

    Treasure Hunt is an ultra-realistic 3D Sim where players search for underwater treasure on seven unique dive adventures

    Treasure Hunt-The game marks a new level of achievement in 360 degree, 3D virtual reality on an iOS device, in both visuals and motion control. With more than 1,000 items hidden in more than 2,400 underwater locations, gameplay is constantly new, as players search shipwrecks and the ocean floor for treasure, retrieve it, sell it, buy more equipment, undertake new excursions, and become wealthy. Providing an uncanny sense of swimming underwater and a detailed PG-rated narrative, the game was developed over two years by CaraCasa Games and Wavesine Solutions.

    Further closing the distance between games played on mobile devices versus game consoles, Treasure Hunt-The Game excels as a simulation and a complex, single-player RPG. Played in portrait orientation, the game includes a comprehensive and enjoyable tutorial that segues directly into the game. Set in the mythical tropical port of CaraCasa, the optional tutorial introduces the player to the diving experience. Inside an enclosed practice area, the player begins to explore their environment and their capabilities.

    Practicing to become certified is great fun, and players can begin to approach beautifully textured and rendered 3D objects on the ocean floor like rusted oil drums, empty gas cans, eyeglasses, coins, etc. And though the practice area is enclosed by steel nets on two sides to prevent sharks from entering, smaller fishes are abundant and swim by gracefully. Step-by-step, the player learns how to use their air tank, dive pitch indicator, flashlight, compass, mesh bag, and mini-map. The tutorial ends by learning how to surface, entering the Dive Shop, and receiving a cash reward for each item of trash they have removed. The Dive Shop is filled with items to purchase and people to chat with, and it sells everything the diver needs to search for treasure.

    Designed specifically for Apple’s iOS platform, Treasure Hunt-The Game takes players into seven dynamically lit and realistic dive sites. Plants sway in the ocean currents while fish swim nearby, all while the player navigates through new and old shipwrecks in search of numerous items of treasure. This requires the processing of large and complex models, which were developed to take maximum advantage of the advanced graphics capability of the latest iPhones, iPods and iPads. According to David Clement of Wavesine Solutions, the producer of Treasure Hunt, “From a graphic and programming standpoint, the challenge was to create as much visual content and motion as possible, while keeping the game-play fluid.” As a result of the power of Apple’s iOS platform, the effects are outstanding in the area of casual gaming.

    Kind regards

    Roger Taylor

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